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Smoked Champagne Oak


Umber Oak


Rosewood Santos


Clay Oak


Milk Oak

It's good to live on wood

Parky is multi-layer parquet which combines the warmth and unique design of real wood with the advantages of laminate. Parky is as easy to install and maintain as laminate flooring. Yet there is a big difference: the top layer of Parky is real wood, and not an imitation print as with laminate. What you see and what you feel is natural wood. There are no 2 identical trees and therefore each board is unique.

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品牌 工作項目

Parky | Desert Oak

Parky | Milk Oak

Parky | Sealed Crystal Triba

Parky | Anitque Oak

Parky | Walnut (L/R)

Parky | Smoked Walnut

Par-ky | Teak (L / R)